Aims of the Association

Three key areas of activities

Development of adequate examination techniques for bilingual children; familiarization of teachers with the Russian language certification state requirements; motivation to continue learning Russian language until the high level of proficiency is reached. A certificate of proficiency in Russian as one of the native languages of bilingual child is an additional opportunity to pursue further education or career in Russia.

Expert panel on educational materials for children of pre-school and school age, and students, studying outside Russia. Textbook catalogue, approved by the experts of the association, will provide teachers with broad access to study materials than correspond to the modern trends of European education and existing traditions and standards of Russian language teaching.

Professional development of Russian language teachers will provide a qualitative leap in the Russian language teaching abroad.

Objectives of the Association

- to promote Russian language in Europe and the rest of the world;

- encourage development of Russian language teaching methods and coordinate research in this area done by Russian and European specialists in Russian philology.

- to establish permanent cooperation between European teachers and their colleagues from the Russian Federation, as well as other specialists in Russian language, literature, education, and philology.

-conduct cultural events "Language as a mirror of folk culture", develop competition programs for students from schools and universities, programs of the international and European summer camps, European festival "I speak Russian".

- facilitate exchange of information, conduct training courses, certification (Russian and international) of proficiency in Russian language, and examination of theoretical and practical tools for teaching Russian language and literature in pre-school level outside Russia.