Деятельность Ассоциации направлена ​​на укрепление позиций русского языка в мире, а также чтобы помочь детям, родившимся за пределами России сохранить русский язык, как один из их родных языков.


It is well known to students of the CET “Matryoshka” that to speak Russian means to speak language of the great Russian poet – Aleksandr Pushkin.
On the 8th of June the summer concert, organized by students of CET “Matryoshka”, took place in Zurich. Concert was devoted to the Day of Russian Language, which is celebrated annually on the birthday of Pushkin. CET “Matryoshka” was among first to support the idea of the Russian Language Day celebration in Switzerland. On the 3rd of June 2011 the Centre organized the first international seminar for Russian Language teachers “Russian Language Outside Russia” in Russian Embassy in Bern. 

International Mother Language Day is celebrated by UNESCO annually. Its aim is to draw attention of the World to the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity, as well as multilingual education. UNESCO promotes linguistic diversity through a series of projects around the world. One of such project was a seminar in Switzerland, conducted by associate professor of UNESCO department (Moscow) Olga Kalenkova. It was held on the 2 of March in the Institute of Slavonic Studies of the University of Zurich under the auspices of the International Mother Tongue Association.

Slavic Script Day was held in the Institute of Slavonic studies of the University of Zurich. The event started with performance, conducted by 9-year old student of CET “Matryoshka” Sophia Nikoljskaja. Together with ensemble of the adult group of “Matryoshka” she sang Russian folk songs and danced.

International conference “The Russian language in the European educational space: problems and prospects" took place at the Institute of Slavonic Studies of the University of Zurich. The Centre for education and training “Matryoshka” took part as co-organizer under the auspices of the European organization "International Mother Tongue Association”. The conference brought together leading experts in Russian philology from Swiss, German and Austrian universities. The conference was attended by representatives from the universities of Basel, Lausanne, Munich, Constance, Vienna, St. Gallen and Zurich.

Russian-speaking community of parents and teachers in Berlin "MITRA" initiated the weekly forum "We speak European" in the framework of the European Grundtvig program. As a partner, the CET "Matryoshka" was invited to the forum. Participation of the CET "Matryoshka" in this project was funded by the National agency on European programs in Germany.
The European forum was attended by representatives of 13 countries - more than 20 teachers from schools and universities, which are engaged in research on bilingualism.

The 21 of February is proclaimed as the International Mother Language Day by the UNESCO. Day before commencement of celebrations International Mother Tongue Association organized workshop for parents and teachers "Bilingual education and new technology". The seminar was held at the Department of Slavonic Studies of the University of Zurich. The main speaker was professor from Moscow and author of numerous textbooks and manuals for bilingual children, Elizaveta Hamraeva.