Mother Language Day in Switzerland


International Mother Language Day is celebrated by UNESCO annually. Its aim is to draw attention of the World to the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity, as well as multilingual education. UNESCO promotes linguistic diversity through a series of projects around the world. One of such project was a seminar in Switzerland, conducted by associate professor of UNESCO department (Moscow) Olga Kalenkova. It was held on the 2 of March in the Institute of Slavonic Studies of the University of Zurich under the auspices of the International Mother Tongue Association.

The workshop was attended by parents of bilingual children living in Switzerland, the leading Russian language teachers, teachers of the Russian language from universities of Zurich, St. Gallen, Bern, and Geneva.


Presentation of the book "My Russian Grammar" and educational complex "Lessons of Russian speech" has attracted a lot of interest and positive feedback from parents and teachers. Main aspects of work with bilingual children were presented in the course of the seminar. Were analyzed techniques, aimed to improve understanding of the material and to increase motivation for learning the language.

There was a separate workshop, held especially for teachers of the ECT "Matryoshka". The main task was to analyze and discuss the new ways of teaching, as well as to explore new possibilities to improve the approach to teaching Russian as a foreign language in the ECT "Matryoshka". During one week professor Kalenkova was visiting lessons in Zurich and Zug. As a result, she presented a list of specific recommendations.