“Matryoshka” is celebrating the Day of Russian Language


It is well known to students of the CET “Matryoshka” that to speak Russian means to speak language of the great Russian poet – Aleksandr Pushkin.

On the 8th of June the summer concert, organized by students of CET “Matryoshka”, took place in Zurich. Concert was devoted to the Day of Russian Language, which is celebrated annually on the birthday of Pushkin. CET “Matryoshka” was among first to support the idea of the Russian Language Day celebration in Switzerland. On the 3rd of June 2011 the Centre organized the first international seminar for Russian Language teachers “Russian Language Outside Russia” in Russian Embassy in Bern.

With support of the Russian Federal Agency “Rossotrudnichestvo” celebration took place this year as well. Representative of the Rossotrudnichestvo in Switzerland Aleksandr Berdin was honorary guest at the celebration and gave the school "Matryoshka" tutorials on the Russian language.

Students of the CET “Matryoshka” demonstrated knowledge of Pushkin’s work and proficiency in Russian language while dancing, singing, reading poetry, and even drawing. Program of the event included poetry of Pushkin, dance performances, vocal numbers with elements of Russian folklore. Performances of students from pre-school and middle school were filled with buoyancy and lyricism. A separate performance was prepared by senior group of the kindergarten "Matryoshka".

Student’s art exhibition was deployed in the lobby. Many works were marked in different international art contests.

Surely, Russian Language Day celebration in Zurich will be remembered for a long time, after all events for kids always grant a lot of pleasure.