Welcome International Mother Tongue Association!



International Mother Tongue Association is a pan-European coordinating organization, which provides the possibility of expertise, training and certification of all participants in the educational process, related to the teaching and study of the Russian language.

The Association was established in November 2011, on the basis of the Swiss-based Centre for Education and Training “Matryoshka” and Dutch Russian School “Matryoshka”. The first action of the Association was joint performance of children from the studios of both Matryoshka’s in the European Parliament in Brussels.

In 2012 and 2013 International Mother Tongue Association organized series of seminars and professional development courses for Russian language teachers from Russian schools in Switzerland and leading European universities.

In 2013 the Association received a grant from the “Russkiy Mir Foundation” to conduct an international conference “Russian language and culture in the European scientific and educational space: problems and prospects”. Location: Switzerland, the Embassy of Russian Federation in Bern and the Slavonic Department of the University of Fribourg. The conference will be held on November 15-16. The program of the conference and information about registration can be found in “EVENTS” on our website.